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Tours Tracker

With the high level of insecurity in the world today, it has become a necessity for individuals and businesses to protect their vehicular assets and other equipment giving their high cost.

eTrack provides an efficient car tracking system that uses the GPS and GSM technologies to receive and transmit data giving you the ability to:

  • See your vehicle’s location on a digital map on our web-based platform in real time.
  • Monitor your vehicle’s movement in real time and get a playback of movements up to years back.
  • Get a geo fence alert when your vehicle enters or leaves a particular location of interest.
  • Monitor your driver’s habits such as over speeding, hard acceleration and hard braking
  • Get on demand SMS reports of your vehicle’s location, status and google map link.
  • Demobilize your vehicle via SMS or tracking platform in the event of theft or other circumstances.Locate and recover your lost or stolen car.
  • Wide Range of Reports e.g. Vehicle history, stop hours, speed violations,idling report etc


  • Enjoy quicker return on investment (ROI) and better profits with greater productivity and growth.
  • Avoid unnecessary mileage reducing depreciation rate and prolonging vehicle life cycle
  • Enhance road safety therefore saving lives by setup vehicle maximum speed
  • Enjoy a solid reputation and improved social image; this always leads to increased business opportunities.
  • Enhance security for the vehicle and its occupants
  • Reduce response time to emergencies due to GPS location accuracy

With our Tours Tracker you can be able to track, Tourist vehicle in Bush, locate them, and secure them. Good for tourist companies and Field Workers, vehicle, bikers, or just about anyone or anything

The Tours Tracker unit can be installed in same account to meet multiple needs to the user.

Special Features of Tours tracker :

  • GPS + AGPS + SMS/GPRS Tracking
  • Track on Demand
  • Track by Time Interval,Distance Interval
  • Driver ID installation(optional)
  • Listen-in or Two-way Audio (Optional)
  • Internal 8Mb Memory for Logging
  • Inbuilt Motion Sensor
  • 850mAh Internal Backup Battery
  • Different alarm types ie SOS Alarm,Geo-fence Alarm,GPS Blind Area Alarm,Low Battery Alarm,Speeding Alarm,Impact Alarm,Tow Alarm,GPS Antenna Cut Alarm,External Power Cut Alarm…
  • Mileage Report
  • Engine Cut (Engine immobilization)
  • Inbuilt Super Magnet (optional)
  • Camera Installation (optional)
  • 5 Digital Inputs
  • 5 Outputs
  • 2 Analog Input Detection


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