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Fuel on Transit Tracking Solutions and What It Really Means For You.

Our fuel on Transit system makes use of special fuel level sensors with a digital communication interface, to ensure your fuel tank content is always within your control.We believe that securing the supply chain through the securing of Tankers during transit could help to lower costs for consumers through the reduction of millionsof shillings that are lost to siphoning.


This product allows you to:-

•    Get real time information about the fuel levels in each of the fuel compartments.
•    Monitor all the uploading and offloading of fuel.
•    Localize the location points of refueling.
•    Generate fuel historical Reports for each of the compartments
•    Get alerts for fuel drain/ fuel manipulation – Oil Change Alarm.

Some of the reports you will periodically receive include.

•    Get detailed information about refueling as well as draining of the fuel compartments.
•    Fueling will be given as a summary report, which also gives a location and time stamp for when and where the refuelling occurred.
•    All data for your fuel consumption history Report are stored on our servers for any future retrieval.
•    Get real time tracking and tracing of the fuel tanker.
•    Run all your trips Reports using the historical playback feature.
•    Check on the truck speed while the tanker is on the road; a critical factor for your fuel tankers.

Our system has been designed to enhance cargo tank security by increasing the number of compartments you can monitor at a go.

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