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Heavy Equipment tracking

Thousands of dollars have been invested in your equipment, and you need to know the location of your machinery and what is doing.
If a piece of critical equipment doesn’t show up, or if it isn’t returned on the appointed date, your business is severely affected. Getting equipment to a site more responsively can help win jobs and increase income.
Our system provides peace of mind with your asset by letting you know real time location of all your valuable assets.

  • Online system map shows machine’s locations and whether its working or not.
  • Satellite and hybrid maps give owners the ability to observe assets which provides an accurate and realistic depiction of a machine’s location and its geographical surroundings.
  • Unlimited landmarks help fleet managers be more effective and productive by:
  • Showing which driver on the map is closest to a site which allows for better routing and decreased fuel costs,
  • Helping identify any machine misuse.
  • Geofencing shows when machine enter and exit a designated area.
  • You can see how many Kilometres and how long the machine has been working.
  • You can even run a historical report to see which machine have driven outside a geofence.
  • Rapidly locate lost or stolen equipment so it can be returned to service
  • Web based or smartphone android app for easy and convenient access
  • Maximum speed violation notification

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